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Decorative Pipe Making Machine

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Decorative stainless steel tube making machine

Decorative stainless steel tube making machine

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Decorative stainless steel tube making machine


Decorative stainless steel tube making machine specifications:

ITEM NO.       Horizontal axis diameter(mm) Vertical diameter(mm) Pipe diameter(mm)  Pipe thickness(mm)  Motor Power  Assembly size L*W(m) 
MD-30  30  20 Φ5-Φ25  0.25-0.8  5.5KW  19.5*1.0m
MD-S40  40  25 Φ6-Φ40  0.25-1.2  5.5KW  20*1.0m
MD-40  40  25 Φ9.5-Φ50.8  0.25-2.0  7.5KW  21.5*1.1m
MD-40L  40  25 Φ12.7-Φ63.5  0.25-2.0  11KW  21.5*1.1m
MD-50   50  30 Φ25.4-Φ76.2  0.4-2.5  15KW  24*1.2m
MD-60  60  40 Φ50.8-Φ114  0.7-3.0  18.5KW  26*1.4m
MD-80  80  50 Φ76-Φ168  1.0-4.0  36.5KW  32*2.3m
MD-100  100  70 Φ114-Φ219  1.5-4.5  45KW  36*2.5m


Decorative stainless steel tube making machine feature:

Firm machine body, High accuracy, high efficiency, Full automation, easy operation, continuous production , low waste, low cost and high production pass rate


Decorative stainless steel tube making machine flowchart:


Products services:

•Products guarantee is one year, except man-damage

•Our engineers are available to service machinery overseas

•Providing welded pipe making technology, polishing technology support

•Providing pre-sell and after sell service, such as workshop design , machinery installation and training

•We can guiding production for our customers, such as how to distinguish the raw material, how to saving the cost ,how to produce the quality products


Products Application:

•Mainly use for produce the decorative ,industrial stainless steel pipe ,carbon steel pipe, Iron pipe Also can produce oval tube, semicircle pipe, embossing pipe and etc shaped pipe

And all these pipe can be used for stair railing ,handrail , Anti-theft windows and doors and so on


Advanced production equipments:


Packaging & Shipping:


Certification&Big-scale International exhibitions:



Why Choose the MAXDO ?

•17 years professional production experience

• The company has a professional research develop team,Advanced production equipment can design and manufacture high-efficiency,high-precision,high-quality products

•The production pass rate of our machine can up to 99.5%,low waste,energy saving

•Providing pipe welding,polishing technology,help our clients to solving the problems which encountered in the production process

•Free for training the technician for our clients,until they can produce the quality products


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